behind the fangs

take me to a high place, would ya

everything coming to my face
we won't die...
as long these blood still sweat my flesh

kill me if you want me, i tell ya
it easier to control me
before i...
turn back and stab and walk over you

so come on
this is the sign my fist of resistance
i use no more anger to defends
fortresses crumble by my wit
here come yours

i will come up to you
try to fell every bit of you
you'll see me as a friend in the bliss of your ignorace
i will take
againts we wake from our sleep
no guaranties of what other tragedies
will fall upon you
the devil gave to me
i will repay by means beyond demonous ways

we stand behind the fangs
destroying stopping at nothing

kill... kill... kill... kill...

change them back to how they were pitifull piece of shit


[ReloadYourStereo/Apokalip, 2008]


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